Pura Dalem Ped, Nusa Penida

Pura Dalem Ped, Dive Spot

Level:    all levels at varying times of the tide.
Dive:    drift / boat
Life:    corals / reef fishes / pelagics
Photo:     wide angle

Tropical Diving in Bali at its best along a wonderfully populated wall. This site is immensely rich in biodiversity and carries and extremely high biomass per square metre.

We call this dive “a Million Fish” because on certain days on a drift along this site, you will pass at least a million fish.   Whip corals and soft corals protrude out into the tidal stream as crinoids hang onto every surface.

Well guided divers can duck in behind large bommies alongside schools of sweetlips and triggerfish and enjoy the show as various species rise to feed or be fed on, in the current.

Don’t forget to look out into the blue occasionally, as pelagics patrol the water column in the area seeking an opportunity to hunt on the 15 metre line where there is a regular occurrence of massive coral bombies.

This site can be dived more than once in a day or a multi day stay and provide a completely different dive experience, from a strong drift, to a still water dive.

There are Mola Mola cleaning stations here if your guide knows where to look and sightings of solitary animals a re common out o season. Eagle Rays and Manta Rays also frequent this location. Safety stop can be a highlight here with rich beds of Acropora corals and occasionally Reef sharks hunting in the shallows.

Great Macro opportunities on this site also for those with a sharp eye.

Be careful of passing boats when surfacing here. Dive boats transit in unnecessarily shallow water at high speeds and local transfer boats frequent the shallow areas. Divemasters should deploy Surface Position indicating beacons at the commencement of the safety stop.

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